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Founded in 1992, David Tyson Lighting (DTL) was originally created to cater to the specialized lighting needs of the exhibition industry. Having worked in exhibition, the electrical trade and lighting sales, David created a lighting company based on firsthand knowledge of these fields which would be responsive to the needs of its clients both large and small.

Since its inception, DTL has focused on providing first quality service and products to its clients all over the United States. Today, DTL is a fast-growing company with a truly global vision. While our company and interests have grown, our basic philosophy remains the same; treat each client with the respect and dignity they deserve.

In 2003 we published the new standard in theatre lighting catalogs; "The Empire of Lamps©." This fully illustrated 62 page catalog is a treasure trove of useful cross-reference tables and crisp photographs to take the guesswork out of ordering light bulbs and related lighting supplies. The catalog may now be viewed online at www.empireoflamps.com
In 2004 David Tyson Lighting was named the Preferred Supplier of lighting products to The Cinema Buying Group. In partnership with Cinemas Solutions, DTL placed their first product catalog online for the world of exhibition to see. This would foreshadow what was to soon follow.

In February of 2005 DTL relocated to a new 8,000 square foot stand alone building incorporating warehouse space, offices and retail showroom in one facility. In May of 2005 BulbTownÒ opened its doors to the public and the retail lighting market was forever changed. Unlike traditional “light bulb” outlets, customers are treated to a sensory experience unrivaled in the lighting business; carpeted floors, European statuary and fountains and Murano pendants bathed in classical music. Gone are the popcorn machines, barstools and temporary counter help with no lighting experience.

In August, 2005 we launched www.BulbTown.com as the webs premiere on-line website for light bulbs and lighting products. Each week new products are added and our line of offerings are expanded and refined.

As each new day arrives, new lighting technologies are discovered and perfected. DTL strives to offer our customers the very latest in products designed to last longer and cost less. While the products themselves are important, the information used in making informed choices is equally important. Information is our future, a new commodity of sorts. The mission of David Tyson Lighting is to change not only the way our customers  select and order lighting products, but also the way the world does. It is no longer acceptable just to supply light bulbs and lighting products, we must empower consumers with the tools necessary to find any light bulb they need, no matter how obscure.

David Tyson
David Tyson
Also from Jacksonville, Florida, David got his start in the electrical business working summers with his father doing electrical work in residential and commercial construction.  During his senior year in high school and his freshman year in college, David worked for United Artists Theatre Circuit.  It was during this time David learned the ins and outs of the theatre business first hand.  David thought it would be a great idea to sell theatres light bulbs that didn't burn out as often, since it was he who had to change them.
After graduating from college in 1991, David did a short stint selling light fixtures before starting David Tyson Lighting in 1993 to promote long-life bulbs to the theatre industry.
As well as being the proud father of two, David enjoys reading, numismatics, is a published author and plays the accordion.

Donna Tyson
Donna Tyson
Born and raised in Jacksonville, florida, Donna got her start in the lighting business by managing the service department at United Electric.  Since taking over the day-to-day operations at DTL in 1993, she has effectively managed the steady growth of the company and the advent of BulbTown.  In addition to putting David through college, Donna counts her life's achievements as having two healthy children, traveling the world and enjoys playing the piano.

Timothy Cagle

Tim is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville.  The 4th son of a family consisting of five brothers and two sisters.  He's had many jobs and a couple of businesses since graduating from Saint Leo University in 1971 with a B.A. in Fine Arts.

Graphic Design for advertising agencies, Billboard painter, Photographer and Video Assistant, Operating Room Video Technician, Orthopedic Implant Sales, Textile Screen Printer, Restaurant Owner/Manager, Wine Steward, Bartender, Merchant Marine, Concrete Mixer Driver, just to name a few...

He's traveled up and down the East Coast from the Dry Tortugas to Mount Dessert Island, Maine.  Twice to Europe...  First on the Research Vessel CHAIN sailing out of Woodshole Oceanographic Institute, Massachusetts and second a 5 month backpacking adventure after landing in London traveling as far east as Turkey and as far south as Morocco via thumb, foot, rail, bus, boat, and personal van.

He loves backpacking and camping adventures, as well as cooking for family and friends. 

He is thankful for the full and blessed life so far and is happy to be a part of David Tyson Lighting, Inc.!

Mytien Nguyen
I was born 05-05-1953 in the Nam Dinh Vietnam. I was a political prisoner of the Vietnam Communists from March 26, 1975 until October 13, 1981. I was fortunate to come to America on May 12, 1995.
I began working for DTL on February 2, 2002 and now work as the Warehouse Manager. I am married with three children.

Michael Durland
Mike is our "computer guy" and webdesigner.  No one knows exactly how old Mike is but a long time ago he was born to a career Naval Officer and has traveled the world including two years in Tainan, Taiwan while in High School.  Mike is a graduate of the University of Florida (Go Gators!).  Upon graduation Mike embarassed his twin sister by working high-rise construction, fighting full contact karate, and enlisting in the Navy to learn electronics.  Like his age, Mike's adventures while a sailor is classified: Secret.  We can tell you he is expert with computer hardware, networking and a fair web designer.

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